General Class and Machine Rules

  1. All Quads must have working tethers and front and rear number plates. Numbers are also recommended on back of chest protectors. Full-sized quads and ALL Quads on the big track are also required to have nerf bars. Please make sure that front and rear numbers are large enough to be easily scored.
  2. Jr. Quads on the Jr. Track must use the stock frame and ATV engine cases from the original ATV manufacturer of that make and model. No full-sized quad frames are allowed. In classes which allow motor modifications, the machine must not exceed the cc limit for the class (NO Big Bore or Stroker motors, but other than that, it is “Run what ya brung!!"). Jr. Quads competing in the Pee Wee class will be 50cc Designated machines Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Can-Am, Polaris & Arctic Cat. ( or approved by the Official before the event). Pee Wee quads Allowable modifications are: after-market slip-on trail pipes, tires and rims (may NOT result in a change to stock width), sprockets, gearing, clutch, twist throttle, handle bars, grips, handlebar pads, front bumper, rear grab bar and jetting. No other modifications are allowed! Jr. Quad machines in the 50cc and 70-90cc/250cc 4-stroke classes (BIG TRACK) are allowed to make any modifications but not to exceed the class cc limit.or a width of 50 inches
  3. Black number plates with white numbers or white number plates with black numbers 6” or larger are strongly recommended for all racers.
  4. For youth classes, a rider’s age as of January 1st determines class eligibility for the entire year. However, once a rider moves up to the next age division, they may not move back down to the lower age class. Youth riders cannot ride two different age classes such as 125 Jr. & 16-24.
  5. All riders must choose which track they will ride on – cannot ride both the big track and the mini track.
  6. Novice class is the C class. Expert is the B & A classes. Please sign-up accordingly.

For a complete detailed version of each classes requirements, see the MPX Racing Class List.

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