On the big track, when your class is called to line up, stay behind the orange cones located by the starting gate fence. When your number is randomly called, you may proceed to the starting gates and select your gate. Race officials are not responsible for locating riders for their motos.

  1. If you flip the starting gate, you must be last going into the 1st corner or you will get last place in the moto.
  2. If you have a problem with your machine at the starting gate, ask for a 2-minute delay. Once the 1-minute sign is up, no delay is permitted.
  3. If you miss an obstacle or run off the track, you cannot use this to your advantage and pass another rider. You must stay in the same order when you get back on the track.
  4. When a yellow flag is displayed, competitors must ride cautiously until they have passed the incident that caused the flag. There is no passing or jumping between the flag and the incident that caused the yellow flag. Failure to do so may result in the rider being docked from one position to disqualification from the event subject to the referee’s discretion.
  5. If your machine breaks and you have completed at least 1 full lap you can push your machine across the finish line on the checkered flag lap after all other racers have finished the moto to receive last place points for that moto.
  6. If you pull off before the end of the moto, you will receive a DNF (did not finish) for that moto. A DNF cannot place higher than anyone who completes two motos. If you received a DNF or DNS in both motos, you do not score series points.
  7. If you cannot get your bike or quad running, you can ride another machine as long as it fits the class, you keep your same number and you fill out a machine change form at sign-up before you race your next moto.
  8. If a moto must be stopped because one or more riders are obstructing the track, the rider(s) may not be allowed to continue in the re-start of that moto. This will be at the officials’ discretion. Race officials will determine restart conditions. If for any reason the race must be stopped, it will be considered completed if over 50% (2 laps) of the race has been run.
  9. Any racing altercations to be ruled on must be seen by an official or flagman. If you have a complaint, you must fill out an incident report in the trailer. The referee has the final say in all protests. His ruling is final!
  10. All motos are video taped. If you have an issue with your scored position, bring it to the attention of the trailer desk staff. We will review the score sheets for a re-determination. If you are not satisfied with the result, you may post a $25 deposit for the video review. If we review the video and you are right, we will make the correction and refund your money. If we were right , we will keep the $25 and put it towards our banquet.
  11. If an MPX staff member witnesses a rider, pit crew or family member using foul language, making threats or striking a staff member or other rider, that rider is subject to instant disqualification for unsportsmanlike like conduct.
  12. Mini track parents and helpers must move back from the starting line when the 1 minute sign goes up. If you do not comply, you may be escorted from the area and your rider will be disqualified. Only (1) parent or helper per mini rider!
  13. NO Rider, Parent or other Spectator is allowed in the scoring room. If you have a problem report it to the desk staff or the announcer.
  14. We reserve the right to deny track/facility access to anyone.

Awards. Awards are given for every class. You must compete against another rider in your class to receive a trophy. If you are the only rider an option of a plaque or dealer check are given. Dealer checks and awards are given in every class. Cash option is reserved for a few classes.

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